The Talon Thumb Tab

Help for archers with sore fingers
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  1. Help for stiff and or arthrtic fingers
    The Talon Thumb Tab fits a niche where those of us that have been shooting for many years have developed stiff fingers from pulling to much weight for to long. Age and abuse take a toll. The Talon Thumb Tab won't eliminate all the problems but you can still shoot.
  2. The Talon Thumb Tab
    The thumb tab is for those where the arthritis or injury is such that you can't pull with the fingers with out suffering pain. The thumb tab transfers all the weight of the bow to the back of the hand and the thumb and index finger hold the string. It can also increase the draw length.
  3. Horse bows and the thumb tab
    The Talon Thumb Tab can be used with the Asiatic horse bows. It can be set for western style shooting of the left side or on request setup so the release is for the right side of the bow. The Thumb Tab is way more comfortable to shoot than the thumb ring.