The Talon Thumb Tab

Help for archers with sore fingers
Photographers Hood 
for RC monitor

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Shooting the Talon Thumb Tab 

The Talon Thumb Tab
 The thumb tab is for the archer that has lost the use of fingers for drawing the bow. It use's a pinch grip between thumb and index finger. The strap wraps around the back of the hand removing the strain from the fingers.
Please be sure and let me know which hand you draw with and your mailing address.


 For more information please use the contact page.
Be sure to fill in your contact info so I can get back to you.

The wrist strap of the Talon Tabs are constructed of polypropolene and velcro. There is a lot of adjustment in the strap .
String placement
The Tabs can be place on the string with out looking and can be shot wearing gloves for those cold winter days

Shooting the Talon Thumb Tab

This is how I set up the thumb tab to shoot. There is a lot of adjustment so you can set it where it works best for you
The Photographers Hood
The hood is designed to keep all the glare from your monitor and still allow you full access to all the controls. Simple in design it allows users that wear glass's to fly FPV with out the discomfort of googles. Light and easy to remove. You can see through the fabric to move around and see your suroundings.
For more info or to purchase please fill in the contact form. Please be sure I have your email address so I can contact you.
​The cost is $20.00 shipped to your door.
This video was shot using the hood. The first tree is 320 feet and the second tree is 75 feet with the small tree between me and the big tree where I cannot see the opening from where I am standing
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